Responsible Gaming

We encourage people who gamble to complete GAMBLING HELP QUEENSLAND’S ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE to assess the risk level of their gambling.


The Gambling Help Web page is available 24/7 to find information and take the first steps to get help.



When the Fun Stops….


Responsible Gaming is important to City Golf Club.



Problem gambling exists when gambling activity results in a range of adverse consequences where:

The safety and well-being of gambling customers and/or their families and friends are placed at risk; and or


Negative impacts extend to the broader community.




Potential harmful effects of Problem Gambling:

Personal: stress, depression and anxiety, poor health, suicide


Work and Study- job loss, absenteeism, poor performance


Financial- financial hardships, debts, asset losses, bankruptcy


Legal- theft, fraud, scams


Interpersonal- domestic violence, relationship breakdown, family neglect


Community Services- pressure on charities and public purses.




What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling occurs in a regulated environment where the potential for harm associated with gambling is minimised and people make informed decisions about their participation in gambling.


Responsible gambling occurs as a result of the collective actions and shared ownership by individuals, communities, the gambling industry and the Government to achieve outcomes that are socially responsible and responsive to community concerns.


Whilst the majority of people gamble responsibly, a small percentage of people may experience difficulties associated with their gaming behaviours.


The City Golf Club has a responsibility to ensure that the Gaming Act 1991, Liquor Act 1992 and the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice are strictly adhered to in the provision of gambling products and services.


The City Golf Club has implemented strategies to minimise the potential harm associated with gambling.


Click here to view The City Golf Club’s Responsible Service of Gaming Initiatives House Policy.




Exclusions and provision of information

The City Golf Club offers exclusions as an option to assist members and patrons who think that they may have a problem with gambling to control their gambling habits. The City Golf Club will also provide a list of local community support agencies to members or patrons who request self-exclusion from the Club.


For more information on our Exclusions Program including Self Exclusion please contact our Operations Manager on 07 4636 9000.




Additional Contacts:

Gamblers Anonymous 07 3830 4196


Lifeline, Toowoomba – 07 4632 2615


Gambling Help Line 1800 222 050 or 1800 858 858




For further information please contact the Operations Manager on 07 46 369 000.


The City Golf Club is committed to minimizing harm associated with gambling on its employees, members, patrons and the local community.


CLICK HERE to read the Responsible Code Of Practice




“This information is not for persons under the age of 18”
“At no time can anyone under the age of 18 enter the gaming room”