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Golfing Social
254 South St, Toowoomba
(07) 4636 9000


Have a ball with Keno!

Keno is a fun, easy-to-play numbers game where you can win over $1,000,000 for just $1!

All you need to do is match the numbers on the Keno TV screen with the numbers on your ticket for each game. The more numbers you match, the more you could win!

Play a game of Keno and you could win $2 million, as has been done before at this Club! Keno screens are located in all areas of the club. There is also a dedicated "Keno Lounge" located near "Cafe Gold" where you can relax and try your luck playing your favourite numbers.

CITYGOLFCLUB encourages Responsible Gaming. More information on our Responsible Gaming Policies.